Q: So how can I determine if hosting is dedicated or not?
A: Simple! Click here to use our tool and search by a domain or ip address, or enter your search in the above box in the right hand corner.
You can search by domain, like DedicatedOrNot.com
Or, you can search by IP Address, like

Q: Ok, I know my results, where can I learn more about the differences?
A: We are glad you asked! Click here to see our article base and learn more.

Q: DedicatedOrNot.com saved me some time and headaches! How can I repay?
A: We only hope you will tell others about our service. Take a look and share us through Facebook or Twitter if you know someone who would benefit. You can always email our link the old fashioned way too!

Q: Does DedicatedOrNot.com offer web hosting?
A: No, sorry, we don't offer web hosting directly, only our popular web hosting data tools.

Q: Do you plan to add new feature requests?
A: Sure, we are always enhancing our reporting tools. Feel free to drop us a line here and let us know what is on your mind. Maybe we can put it in our next feature update.

Q: How accurate is your reporting?
A: Very! We use some of the best reporting methods in the industry to deliver the most accurate data possible for your search query. While this technology is constantly changing, we strive to stay on top of it and provide you the best.

Q: Have you seen an uptick in mobile searches?
A: Actually we have. As across many fields, mobile access has grown on our website also.

Q: Do you recommend one hosting provider over another?
A: No, we leave hosting decisions in your hands, and choose to provide you with tools to help you make that best decisions for your hosting needs.

What Is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated web hosting, sometimes called a dedicated host, managed host, or dedicated server, is storage space that resides on a web server with the sole intention of servicing a single website or technology. These types of servers are usually leased directly from a web host provider, and can even have the option of a dedicated server administrator to manage. Dedicated hosting also provides full control of the web server's abilities.
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What Is Shared Hosting?

Shared web hosting, sometimes called a virtual host, multi-host, or self-serve web server, is storage space on a web server that multiple websites or technologies share with each other, including resources. These types of servers are usually provided by larger server farms and are sold at value pricing to manage websites that require minimal hardware or online resources. Shared hosting also has minimal abilities of server administration or changes.
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