The History Of Web Hosting

Nearly 20 years have passed since web hosting has came into mainstream existence of a multi-million dollar a year technology industry. Let's go back to 1991 when the real online race started as many commercial restrictions that were once in place were removed, and paved the way for business as we knew it to change completely year after year.

Online commerce has been the major deciding factor and reason of growth in web hosting. Every business and entrepreneur wants to sale their products and services online, and every web hosting provider wants to be that company to help them. Many years ago, web hosting was only for the few who had the understanding and ability to afford the technology.

Mostly available to large companies and governmental bodies, web hosting was used to house data repositories and local intranets for members to share information over. You nearly had to have a Phd in order to know how to use a web server in these times, but as with all technologies, this has became much easier to manage and setup, along with affordable pricing for the masses.

Websites are a business necessity these days, and web hosting companies continue to see healthy growth rates each year as history ticks on and more people are exposed to the wonders of the web with their own ideas placed online. It is easy to see that the history of web hosting has been a fast ride to the top as it takes quality hosting and a abundance of servers to power the web as we know it today. Without web hosting, there would be no internet for the millions of websites we interact with daily. Always consider the history when planning for the future.

What Is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated web hosting, sometimes called a dedicated host, managed host, or dedicated server, is storage space that resides on a web server with the sole intention of servicing a single website or technology. These types of servers are usually leased directly from a web host provider, and can even have the option of a dedicated server administrator to manage. Dedicated hosting also provides full control of the web server's abilities.
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What Is Shared Hosting?

Shared web hosting, sometimes called a virtual host, multi-host, or self-serve web server, is storage space on a web server that multiple websites or technologies share with each other, including resources. These types of servers are usually provided by larger server farms and are sold at value pricing to manage websites that require minimal hardware or online resources. Shared hosting also has minimal abilities of server administration or changes.
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