Choosing The Right Website Hosting

When you are shopping around for the best website hosting for your needs, take a moment to consider what all will your website need to do. In this article, we will give you several additional pointers to help you choose the right website hosting before picking a plan.

The first factor you should consider before buying a shared hosting or dedicated hosting plan is to determine what exactly your website features and concept will be. If you are simply running a local based website for your city or a school, then more than likely a shared hosting plan would work fine. This would be the same case if you are running a personal blog on in variety of subjects. Even if you plan on growing the blog or website to a large following, you can always start out smaller on shared hosting and work your way up to a dedicated server.

If you plan on running more complex features, like e-commerce sales or database queries on a constant basis, then you may need to look beyond shared hosting towards a dedicated server or a VPS (Virtual Private Server) in order to get the full benefits and power of having your own allocated resources for your website. See, when you are running on a shared hosting sever - you are doing just what it sounds like. You are sharing the resources and space on the server with other websites or blogs. A dedicated server entitles you to your own hard drive space and full resources for your project.

However, having a shared server instead of a dedicated server is much cheaper. A dedicated server can cost you ten times more on a monthly basis than the counterpart in shared. Web hosting providers can place many more websites on a shared server than on a dedicated on, but can also reduce your costs accordingly.

So when choosing the right website hosting, make sure that the server that goes with it will fill your needs of your online project and that you are not under-buying or over-buying too much so that your project will be a success and not a failure online.

What Is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated web hosting, sometimes called a dedicated host, managed host, or dedicated server, is storage space that resides on a web server with the sole intention of servicing a single website or technology. These types of servers are usually leased directly from a web host provider, and can even have the option of a dedicated server administrator to manage. Dedicated hosting also provides full control of the web server's abilities.
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What Is Shared Hosting?

Shared web hosting, sometimes called a virtual host, multi-host, or self-serve web server, is storage space on a web server that multiple websites or technologies share with each other, including resources. These types of servers are usually provided by larger server farms and are sold at value pricing to manage websites that require minimal hardware or online resources. Shared hosting also has minimal abilities of server administration or changes.
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