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Hosting a website has always been a little tricky. Servers, DNS, web hosting, service providers, cloud computing, ip addresses, domains… Well, you get the idea. When it comes to web hosting and all that surrounds the topic, it can get fairly confusing.

Enter DedicatedOrNot.com from Paul Internet, where we have made it our specialty to take a certain popular section of the web hosting arena, which is dedicated and shared hosting differences, and then dive deeper into explaining the technology better, all while providing you a great tool to confirm how hosting for a certain provider is supplied - and inform you if it is dedicated or not!

Reasons abound for determining if a website is on dedicated or shared hosting. A few of the most popular are for clients and customers of web hosting services to confirm if they are getting the value they are paying for in a hosting service, others are by businesses who are looking to move more data to the clouds as this popular data storage trend grows. Others, like marketing professionals, look to such data queries for a better glimpse on the customers they serve and to provide a better product or service in their category. These are just a few, and we see new ones everyday, but it is definitely a surging topic as technology grows and moves to the web with mobile devices and small business growth.

With many years of development, our hosting confirmation and data tools can provide you with the resources needed to confirm hosting types, locations, and other important facts regarding a web hosting source. After being in the web hosting business ourselves for several years, we knew this valuable information can help you make informed decisions about the important traits associated with a quality hosting provider.

DedicatedOrNot.com provides information such as geographical locations, similar hosted domains, extended domain information such as organizational ownership, IP resolution, domain age, social bookmarking, Google indexation, and of course our specialty - if the website is on dedicated hosting or shared hosting!

We are always open to suggestions on how we can enhance our services, and would like to extend our thanks for getting to know us better and hope you will continue to use our cutting edge tools for finding the answers to the questions you have about web hosting and all that surrounds it! In the time being, take a look at our articles section to learn more in-depth about the differences in dedicated hosting and shared hosting.

What Is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated web hosting, sometimes called a dedicated host, managed host, or dedicated server, is storage space that resides on a web server with the sole intention of servicing a single website or technology. These types of servers are usually leased directly from a web host provider, and can even have the option of a dedicated server administrator to manage. Dedicated hosting also provides full control of the web server's abilities.
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What Is Shared Hosting?

Shared web hosting, sometimes called a virtual host, multi-host, or self-serve web server, is storage space on a web server that multiple websites or technologies share with each other, including resources. These types of servers are usually provided by larger server farms and are sold at value pricing to manage websites that require minimal hardware or online resources. Shared hosting also has minimal abilities of server administration or changes.
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